Hi, we are a group of four students from BBI, year 7. We have been given a task to design a game to our liking, as long as it is about maths. Here is where we will record our ideas and information. We have decided base ours on fractions, decimals and percentages.

Idea for our game

In the end, we have decided to make a board game with cards.
  • There can be 2-8 players (or more if you care to make more counters)
  • Each of the players spin the needle to determine what pile of cards to pick up from. (fractions, decimals, percentages)
  • On the cards there will be a Equation to work out. NO CHEATING WITH A CALCULATOR
  • If you get the equation right you get the amount of tokens shown on the card depending on the difficulty. ( no matter how hard, the only help you can get is from a piece of scrap paper)
  • The game ends when all the cards are used up or when one player gets 20 tokens. (No Less)
  • The player that gets 20 tokens or the most tokens wins the game.( But if you want to keep playing, feel free, until you use up all the tokens)

Here is a draft of our board:


1. Each of the players choose a mathematical sign to represent. (No grabbing and ripping them)
2. Each player rolls the dice, the person with the highest number goes first. (don't cheat while rolling the dice)
3. If the player lands on a square that says SPIN THE SPINNER, they spin the spinner.(Don't pretend the spinner isn't working if it lands on something you didn't want because that is cheating)
4. When the spinner stops spinning, you either pick up a card from the indicated pile or collect the number of tokens shown. (no taking more tokens that you are supposed to)
5. You continue repeating the above instructions until someone reaches 20 tokens. (no counting 20 when you only have 19)

Daily Reflection:

Today we were off to a good start. Everyone has contributed ideas and we have developed a good backbone of the game.
I forgot to write on the Daily Reflection.
Today we've finally decided on what type of game we're going to do after finally coming up with something that merged all our ideas.
Today and yesterday we finally decided what to do, I've made a few small changes to spelling etc. i think we've still got time to finish the game.
We did not do anything today, as we did not have a chance to do maths.
Today i edited the wiki and did a few touch-ups.
I think we are finally going to make the game now.
Still going on the game.
I think we might finish it by the end of this year
Cindy-This is not a daily reflection anymore

Management Plan:



What we are going to do:

Week 2
Decide on our jobs
Draft our game
Week 3
Start making game
Week 4
Continue making game, fixing errors if necessary.
Week 5
Continue making game, hopefully finishing the game.


Who is responsible for this job

The Editor of the wiki
(others will edit the wiki too, but Helen will be the main editor.)
The Giant Brain that thinks
Designer 1 (draft ideas)
Designer 2 (draft ideas)
Everyone will help make the cards.

What we have done each day:

Tuesday 23rd October
Today, we have started a brainstorm for our ideas on Inspiration, but we have not yet finished it. As well as brainstorming ideas, we have given each person a job. Also, we have planned what we will do each week on our maths game.
Wednesday 24th October
Today, we have finished our brainstorm and we have put it up onto this wiki.
Thursday 25th October
Today, we decided to do a board game with cards after a horrific day of voting.
Friday 26th October
Today, we used Google SketchUp to give us a crude idea of how the game is going to look like upon completion.
Monday 29th October
We did not do anything today because we were at drama, dancing and singing lessons the whole day.
Tuesday 30th October
Today We did a few touch-ups and filled in a few reflections etc. etc.
Wednesday 31st October
Thursday 1st November
We finally started making the game.
Friday 2nd November
We have finished cutting out the board
Monday 5th November
We are still coloring the board and started making the cards.
This is not going everyday anymore either

Notice Board

Notice Board
Can all members of the HJCJ maths group please meet in the team B pod tomorrow at 9:30 on the 5th of December. We need to do some work on finding our cards and stuff, and also trying to find the CONTAINER WITH THE CARDS IN IT!!!!!!! Sign this when you've seen this.

Teacher Feedback

5 Nov
You have made a fantastic effort so far.
I have enjoyed reading through your processes.
I will meet you on Wed 14 Nov at Mathex for a conference.
14 Nov
I would like to see some sort of visual record of what you have done, but if not possible then some photos of the finished product. I would also like to see some reflections on how the task is going, how the group has worked together, any problems, etc.
I will be meeting you all on 26 Nov to look at all the wikis. Good!!

Peer Assessment
Peer 1
Peer 2 (NCEA)
Peer 3 LEAPA
Design of the game

Excellent! The spinner was very cool.
it was quite colourful and looked quite good...
Originality of the game

Great, never seen anything like it.
some parts similar to some games, but quite original.
What mathematics was involved

Percentages, decimals and fractions.
what NCEA said.
Fun to play

not really
2 stars and 1 wish

Presentation/colour scheme was great, nothing to improve.
design was good, would help improve mathematics, but was a bit boring.