24th October
Alice got the main idea for us and did a rough sketch of our ideas. We have now put some of it onto a Microsoft Word Document and we hope to finish and print the black-and-white copy by Friday. We are designing some houses to put on our game using isometric graph paper that we got from HERE.
25th October
Today we have worked on our designs with isometric paper. Ellen, Nicola and Alice have worked on this, whilst Cheyenne works on the wiki.
30th October
Today we got our Math O Poly finished! We are working on the cards now. Today we also created the Instructions.doc and now we just need to finish all the cards.
31th October
Today we worked mainly on our cards.
1st November
Today we finished our cards and put them and the board into the Colour Printer. We are working on our house cards and now we have to get the packaging done.
6th November
Yesterday we finished the whole game and now we have to get the packaging done. Unfortunately Alice has not been working with us for a few days so we are a bit behind.
9th November
For the last few days, we have been finishing off our cards and packaging. We have a few more printing jobs to do, some cutting and pasting, but all has gone well.

Teachers feedback

5 Nov
You have made a fantastic effort so far.
I have enjoyed reading through your reflections
I will meet you on Wed 14 Nov at Mathex for a conference.
Don't forget to record all the processes - use the task page as a guideline.
14 Nov
I would like to see some sort of record of what you have done using photos, but if not possible then some photos of the finished product.
I will be meeting you all on 26 Nov to look at all the wikis.

Peer Assessment
Peer 1
Peer 2
Peer 3
Design of the game
Your board was really well done and it was a great idea
7/10 your design was good but you copied monopoly, you might get sued... Still bright colours.
Originality of the game
it wasn't that original but it was better than the real one
4/10 see the other comment on top.
What mathematics was involved

5/10 How much money do you start with? Why do you have basic facts as your questions...
Fun to play

7/10 Cool. You finished and actually helped each other. The colour is very cute.
2 stars and 1 wish

lots of things to do. pretty colors and presentation. do a more original game.
5.5/10 Overall