Hussein, Charlie & Stefan's Game

We have began to plan out our game on Stefan's translator but have not yet started construction of it.

We have constructed the game with red and black paper and have made the maze and gone over them in vivid
We have put the ladders and now are going to make the question cards
We have started to construct the question cards with white card

Teacher feedback

5 Nov
You are really not very far along - I should see more progress than this. Remember to record your processes and keep your daily reflection up to date.
14 Nov
There are a few more things I would like to see. Firstly some sort of record of what you have using photos would be good, but if not possible then some photos of the finished product. Secondly I would like to see some reflections on how the task is going, how the group has worked together, any problems, etc.
I will be meeting you all on 26 Nov to look at all the wikis.

Peer Assessment
Peer 1
Peer 2
Peer 3
Design of the game

Originality of the game
4/10 because it resembles snakes and ladders.

What mathematics was involved
6/10 The questions weren't that hard.

2 stars and 1 wish
good color coordination. good set out. make questions harder.
you could put more colours on, good set out, good questions.