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Our project is to make a game to do with maths it's called TANKS, and it will be fun..... This is because you get to answer questions to get coins with 4 levels of questions and ranges of weapons, shotguns, turrets and lasers this game will be very popular for boys. The game is still being made, it is in it's

1st stage: Creating.=creating questions, weapons, rules,boards,pieces, etc
2nd stage:Testing=testing whether this game is too hard, too easy, and fun
3rd stage:Concluding=conclude whether we did well or not

  1. Sticky: 26 November which is next Monday. Finished, but it wasn't much of a conference!
  2. Make board
  3. Bronson stop spamming the page about you ripping our heads off and chopping our arms off!~Pugu and Cosmosland123
  4. Kenny start doing something useful~SilverClaw
  5. game board must be finished by the 13th of December~Cosmosland123
  6. SilverClaw who are you?
  7. SilverClaw show yourself before its too late!!!

We are designing the concept today. Gathering resources.
Pugu-Chris Yang
We started to make some questions and we are almost done.
Kenny Kim
We nearly finished the gameboard, no time to work on this, really.
Pugu-Chris Yang

I think we should make an eletronic part of the game and a cardboard one too.
Pugu-Chris Yang
The questions are finished, gameboard nearly finished. Happy Mapling!!!


BALLISTICThe cheapest type of gun in the game, does fair amount of damage.Shotgun: Ballistic Weapon-Turret front Based.Damage 2, Range 2, Electricity usage 2, Space Usage 2Special ability: NoneCOST: 50 coins AMMO: 15MiniGat TM: Ballistic Weapon-Turret top BasedDamage 1, Range 3, Electricity usage 5, Space Usage 2Special ability: Fires 10 rounds each turn.COST: 300 coins AMMO: 50Chaingun : Ballistic Weapon-Turret Front Based.Damage 2, Range 5, Electricity usage 5, Space Usage 2Special ability: Fires 10 rounds each turn.COST: 750 coins AMMO: 100Rockets: Ballistic Weapon Top Turret basedDamage:20 Range 10 Electricity usage: 5 Space usage 3Special ability: Can go diagonally.COST: 750 coins AMMO: 3Ballistic Refills: 10 rounds for 10 coins
Rocket Refill:700 coins for 3 missiles

Ballistic Upgrade:+ 1 damage for all ballistic weapons COINS:150


Exicited gas can make light photons if concentrated it could melt through any armour!Light laser: Photon-charged base weapon, Turret basedDamage 3, Range 3, Electricity usage 5,Space Usage 2Special ability: Ignore the armour effectsCOST:250 AMMO: 20Heavy laser: Photon charged base weapon, Turret basedDamage 5, Range 5, Electricity usage 10, Space usage 2Special ability: Ignore armour effects.COST:300 AMMO: 50Laser refill: 10 for 5 coins==Ion== Ion is and electricly magnified energy pulse (EMP's) , the electro-magnetic force fries circuits slowing down Tanks, and doing considerable damage.Ion Cannon: EMP weapon, Turret based.Damage 5, Range 5, Electricity usage 15, Space usage 2Special ability: Your target you shot at skips his turn. The weapon shoots at high temperature, so it needs to cool down, it can't fire 2 times in a row.COST:300 AMMO: 50Ion refill: 10 for 20 coinsSPECIALSSpecial weapons pack 1: Cost 15 Kudos Gives you Teleport matrix, Ion cannon and flame thrower of doom (+2 damage than normal).Flame Thrower: Weapon which reveals a mighty flame! Turret based weapon.Damage 5, Range 3, Electricity Usage 1, Space Usage 2Special ability: -1 armour to target and the weapon ignores armour effects.= =
laser and Ion weapons developed Happy Mapling!!!!
Teacher comment
You have made a good start. I like your use of sketchup. Remember to keep your daily reflections up to date and make sure that progress continues on your task.
I will be conferencing you on Nov 14, so try to get as much as possible done before that date.
Levna Shearing


counters x number of players2 diepaper for working outcalculatorDESCRIPTIONQUESTIONS:Answer questions for coins or Kudos. Correct answers give you points. the amount of coins you get are recorded on the stats graph.If you answer an a question incorrectly, to the questions you will be deducted a 1/10 of the coins that is rewarded from the correct answer. You can use calculators for questions. Questions that say 'calculators not allowed' means your not allowed to use calculators. But the coins that get awarded is divided by 1/2 and the penalty of an incorrect answer is doubled. As you can see you will need to keep track of your coins.SHOPThe shop is available each turn before you roll the dice and the end of your turn. Weapon ammunition is only available at the end of your turn. You can use coins or Kudos to buy weapons. Another player can buy weapons for you if they are generous.BOARDOn every time you land on a square with a question mark on you will answer a question of a level of your choice.If there are instructions on the board, follow them.
Pugu-Chris Yang
Where are we going to meet Mrs Shearing? Also the Kudos system has been created! Buy special packs with Kudos.
KUDOS= means credits which can be traded for normal coins.
A minimum is five kudos per trade
Pugu-Chris Yang
There are a few more things I would like to see. Firstly some sort of record of what you have using photos would be good, but if not possible then some photos of the finished product. Secondly I would like to see some reflections on how the task is going, how the group has worked together, any problems, etc.
I will be meeting you all on 26 Nov to look at all the wikis.
Levna Shearing
Questions are being published!
Category 2 question! Try figuring this out!
Pugu-Chris Yang
Editing questions. Where are we meeting Mrs Shearing?
Pugu-Chris Yang
Need help from all of my other group members. Please Bronson! Or I'll cut you into pieces and rip your heart out and suck the blood out of it!
Pugu-Chris Yang


Small Chassis: This is free and given to you at the beginning.Given Space: 5Given Armour: 0Given Items/Weapons: NoneLarge Chassis Upgrade: needed: small chassis, 1kGiven Space: 10Given Armour: 2Given Items/Weapons: 2 semi-automatic side guns, dealing 3 extra damage if you choose to use them. Electricity usage: 5, for both.Normal Diesel engine*: moves 5 squares a turn!Free!Modified Diesel engine*: Move 10 squares per turn.500 coinsSmall turret: allows weapons to be added+0 armouradded space: +3freeLarge Turret: allows weapons to be added+2 armouradded space: +5250 coins*All engines use Oil. So, you can get refilled at a station for 50 coins. But if you get stuck, if you have Electricity still left, you can call a plane to fill you up for 200 coins.
Other Tank parts
Tank brief is completely finished!

Chris don't be violent to other members, Bronson come to the pod every day or post on discussion that you cant come.
Cososland123-Joon Park
Movement / defence

Mountain=movement -1 defence +2
City=movement +2 defence +1
River= movement -2 defence -0 +0
Who did that?
Joon Park

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Peer Assessment
Peer 1 Alexander Chan
Peer 2
Peer 3
Design of the game
Originality of the game
Orignal but violent. :(
What mathematics was involved
Algebra Questions
Fun to play
Not sure :(
Don't Know
2 stars and 1 wish
During the peer assesment this group ignored any comments and never shown us any of their work. They didn't have the board, only the questions scrawled messily on peices of paper in messy blue ball point pen. The questions are way too hard and we were not told how to play the game at all. The questions were suitable for university students but, year 7? Doing these questions? They must be geniuses! Is this game supposed to be played on the computer??? If this game goes into the trade market, no- one will use it because the questions are way too hard. This will not improve your maths, it will just overload your brain. Everybody will try and cheat as the game is way too hard to play.
N/A didn't tell us much about game. :(
Didn't say much about game.
I understand your comment Alexander we tried to work better, but Bronson and Kenny would not listen to our comments... Our teamwork was our weakness.
Pugu-Chris Yang